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Service Issues

RESOLVED / Mar 11: Service outage due to a power outage

Mar 11 8:03 AM

We're working to restore access to Hushmail after a power outage at our hosting facility took the service offline Saturday morning at 7:02 AM Pacific Time. At this time, all Hushmail services are unavailable.

Update 9:48 AM Pacific Time: After becoming aware of the outage Saturday morning, our network operations team identified that our hosting facility was offline as the result of a power outage. We're looking into why backup power systems didn't prevent the service outage, and preparing to bring Hushmail services back online as soon as power is restored.

Update 10:55 AM Pacific Time: Power has been restored at our hosting facility, and we're now working to bring services back online. At this time, the Hushmail website is online, but all email access is still unavailable (webmail, POP/IMAP, Hushmail for iPhone).

Update 11:34 AM Pacific Time: Email access has been restored for many customers, but inbound email delivery will be delayed for the time being. We're now working to finish restoring access for all remaining customers, and to eliminate email delivery delays.

Update 1:15 PM Pacific Time: All customers can now sign in to webmail, POP/IMAP, and Hushmail for iPhone. Some customers may continue to experience inbound email delivery delays for the next hour.


RESOLVED / Mar 6: Service outage affecting some people

Mar 6 2:29 PM

We're working to resolve a service outage which is affecting only a small subset of Hushmail accounts. If your account is one of those affected, you will not be able to sign in to your account until this issue is resolved.

RESOLVED / Mar 8: Some of you may have accidentally had a sneak peak at our future new look for webmail

Mar 8 2:02 PM

Some of you may have accidentally had a sneak peek at our future version of webmail. We know this may have caused some confusion, particularly if you started your session with one version and ended up with another!

Sorry about that! We’re in the early stages of testing the new look and accidentally rolled it out to more people than we had planned. Everything is back to normal now and we hope to share the new version with you soon. Any feedback on the new look is more than welcome, so feel free to reach out through our website or on Twitter.