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This website provides the latest information about recent Hushmail service issues. You can also follow us on Twitter for updates.

Recent service issues

RESOLVED / Mar 11: Service Disruption/ Resolved

Mar 8 6:34 AM


March 14: All systems working as expected

March 11, 9:30am PST: Some people using email programs or the Hushmail for iPhone app may experience intermittent slowness or trouble accessing their accounts. We are working on potential fixes for these problems.

March 10, 8:45am PST: Vast majority of intermittent issues have been resolved. Small subsets of people may still experience slowness.

March 9, 7am PST: Some people continue to have intermittent service issues as we work towards a resolution of the outage from the last two days.

Update 2pm PST: Access to services are currently intermittent. We will remain on high alert in case of another disruption of service.

Update 11am PST: Services are beginning to come back online although some people may still experience slowness or errors loading pages.

Update 9:30am PST: The service issue has been changed to a service outage across the board. We are working as fast as we can to recover and will keep this page updated as thing progress.

6:30am PST We're currently experiencing a service issue which may result in website pages loading slowly or not at all. 

We are working to resolve this issue and will keep this page updated as the issue evolves.


RESOLVED / Mar 7: Service outage

Mar 7 12:20 PM

We're working to resolve a service outage that is affecting some Hushmail services. Some people may not be able to access their email accounts.


UPDATE: The outage that was previously reported AT 12PM PST has now ended. Hushmail remains on high alert to prevent this issue from happening again. We appreciate your patience, and all services are now operational.

RESOLVED / Mar 4: Outgoing email delivery may be delayed up to 30 minutes

Mar 4 11:20 AM

We're working to eliminate outgoing email delivery delays. No emails were lost, however, emails may take up to 30 minutes to be delivered to the intended recipient.